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Harbor Treats

We are located under the Harborside1901 restaurant and going to serve for you some hand made goodies !
Our talented Pastry Chef Tugba prepared amazing menu for you to treating your self better !
We are going to serve Ice Creams , Waffles , Coffee , Hot Dog, Sandwiches and hand made Pastry .

Hand-Made Sweets

“Step into our world of sweetness and indulge in our handcrafted pastries. From classic favorites to unique creations, our pastry shop has something for everyone. Come for the treats, stay for the smiles.”

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Enjoy top quality and friendly service

At Harbor Treats you only get premium quality in every aspect of service and food, drinks and people. 

Famous Local Ice Cream

“Step into our ice cream shop and treat yourself to a world of flavor. From classic vanilla to unique seasonal flavors, our premium ice cream is made with only the freshest and most delicious ingredients.”

Homemade Waffles

“At our waffle and ice cream shop, we’re all about the perfect balance of crispy and creamy. Our waffles are made to order, while our ice cream is crafted in-house for a truly indulgent experience.”

About Our Coffee

“Looking for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon treat? Our coffee shop has you covered. With a range of coffee drinks, as well as snacks and pastries, we’re the perfect spot for a quick break or a leisurely hangout.”

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